It’s a new year and for Digital signage it’s full speed ahead.  Technology in the space continues to advance in many ways which quite simply leads to better and more interesting displays.  Certain segments are uncertain but the future is bright for the digital signage market.  Spending on new signage as well as advertising is forecasted to continue to increase this year as digital displays continue to find their way into more stores, malls, highways, arenas, and more.

It’s hard to miss these large and vibrant displays as there are new pixels just about everywhere you turn. So what’s in store for the Digital Signage space in 2017?  Here are a few of our thoughts:

  1. Interactive Media: Video Displays are powerful and impactful because they tend to stand out.  They stand out even more if sound is part of the experience.  However, the next step is making it interactive.  If engagement is important, then an interactive display opens up a world of opportunity and possibilities.
  2. Outdoor Digital Signage:  Many businesses and media companies are obviously investing in outdoor digital signage.  Businesses are taking advantage of the impact it delivers as well as the opportunity to change and update messaging.  Outdoor companies have been converting their static billboard structures into digital billboards.  This conversion, while expensive, can be very profitable because of the ability to post more advertisers and provide them with the ability to update their advertising fast and efficiently.
  3. Advanced Digital Displays:  Displays continue to advance.  Resolution continues to improve and bezels continue to get smaller which all results in vibrant and brilliants images.
  4. Personalized Experience: Marketers and Advertisers are always looking to find better ways to engage and communicate with a consumer.  A Personalized Experience is a great way to get consumers to provide very useful personal information that they previously may not have been willing to provide.

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