There are few places on earth where the immense density of visitors and their abundant energy converge on one street across a few long city blocks… The Las Vegas Strip is one of them.  What better place to deliver your message to consumers with money in their pockets ready to spend.  One boulevard, three miles, dozens of opulent hotels, and hundreds of thousands of highly valuable consumers ready to be engaged.

LaunchPoint can position and deliver your message up and down The Strip on the biggest, brightest, and most impactful digital marquee signs. Here are four reasons why you should go digital with LaunchPoint on The Strip for your next ad campaign!

  • It’s Effective: There are over 450,000 billboards across the nation according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. With numbers like that it’s important to make an impact. A Nielsen study demonstrated the influence digital billboards have over consumers and found that travelers recalled seeing “at least one specific digital billboard ad 74 to 89 percent of the time.” Research also showed brand recognition is higher among travelers who noticed digital billboards and over 70 percent of these travellers described these billboards as, “a cool way to advertise.”
  • It’s Affordable: Because there are no fees for printing or manually installing and removine a traditional vinyl billboard advertisements, you are able to upload any advertising campaign your company decides on without letting production costs get in the way! This benefit is not found with other marketing mediums and the creative advertising campaign options are endless.
  • It’s Customizable: Digital marketing demands creativity. There’s a lot going on at The Strip, but the right advertisement can grab the public’s attention and get your brand noticed. You can run a permanent campaign or change it up to something more seasonal or relevant with little to no hassle when you go digital, and you can run your ads day and night! Because your sign will be illuminated, the energetic night crowd on The Strip won’t miss a second of your ad, increasing awareness—which brings us to our last point.
  • It Extends Your Reach: The best ideas can be rendered useless if no one is around to see them. Advertising on The Strip gives you prime real estate in regards to location due to the great exposure your ad will get at all hours of the day. You can not only reach an exceptionally broad audience, but actually get them to remember your ad by going digital and making the most out of your advertising dollars!


LaunchPoint’s dramatic and impactful digital signage network on The Strip will generate incredible awareness with the ability engage consumers like never before.

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