Trade shows and conventions offer your business unique opportunities to connect with a diverse audience outside of the scope of your normal advertising efforts. To make the most of this potential market, you need to maximize your visibility and increase engagement to draw the largest possible crowd to your booth.

Advertise Before the Event

Amp up your social media efforts in the weeks before an event to generate interest and excitement among followers. Use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to let people know you’ll be there, and connect with other industry influencers on LinkedIn to get the word out to fellow business owners who may be interested in attending. Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube are perfect for showcasing enticing “sneak peeks” of your booth and any special giveaways you’ll be hosting.

Leverage the power of traditional outbound marketing with advertisements in trade publications and local newspapers or magazines. Get a list of registered trade show attendees, and mail out an eye-catching postcard that encourages them to stop by your booth during the event.

Be Eye-Catching

There are dozens of booths vying for attention at every trade show. Work with a convention marketing specialist to create a presence that makes yours stand out from the crowd. Use bold colors to highlight your brand, and incorporate video and audio presentations to draw attention. Include handouts and promotional materials that offer value to visitors.

Once you’ve brought attendees to your booth, make sure that they stay there. Set up chairs and offer light refreshments to give people a break from the constant bustle of the rest of the show. If possible, offer a charging station or a Wi-Fi hotspot for mobile devices. These simple amenities will boost the popularity of your booth, drawing even more curious visitors as they come to investigate why everyone else is stopping by.

Make it Social

You can keep the power of social media working to your advantage during the trade show. Create a hashtag for your booth, and encourage visitors to post photos or videos of their experiences using this label. Turn it into a contest by offering a special discount or prize to the person with the most popular post.

Monitor your hashtag during the show to assess feedback. If several visitors post negative remarks or criticism about the same aspect of your booth, take steps to correct the problem and make the experience more enjoyable.

When the trade show is over, keep your audience engaged with follow-up posts. Showcase pictures from attendees, highlight the most fun parts of the day and ask visitors to share their experiences with friends and followers.

LaunchPoint Marketing specializes in convention marketing and experiential activations that will impact the success of your exhibit and make your business stand out. If you need help generating interest for your exhibit at an event, get in touch with LaunchPoint. Our marketing experts can take your business message and turn it into a booth that no one will forget.