Billboards are integral to creating an effective outdoor advertising campaign, and their benefits are numerous. They allow advertisers to communicate their brand’s message to a wide-scale audience, offer a lower cost per impression than other media, and are “on” 24/7. At LaunchPoint Marketing, we recognize the importance of well-positioned billboard advertisements in creating an impactful outdoor campaign. LaunchPoint’s digital and static signage, placed at some of Las Vegas’ and San Diego’s busiest locations, will ensure you reach your target demographic – and lots of them!

Why Las Vegas and San Diego?

Large-Scale Audiences

Las Vegas, famous for its extravagant casinos, glitzy shows and massive conventions, is frequented by over 40 million annual visitors. The glamorous Las Vegas experience is truly unparalleled, and thus is consistently ranked one of the top 10 most travelled to cities in the United States.

The seaside city of San Diego is similarly popular for its relaxing resorts, premium shopping and large-scale conventions. It is fast-growing and one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the US, attracting nearly 35 million tourists each year. San Diego boasts a large millennial population, and like Las Vegas is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the US.

Target in Motion

According to US Census estimates, visitors fly into the McCarran Airport and travel along the busy 215 highway to reach the infamous “Strip”and car rental facility passing our billboards as they go. Additionally, more than 93% of Las Vegas residents drive to work, with an average round-trip total commute of 42 minutes. Billboard advertising is ideal in capturing the attention of locals and visitors as they travel toward the center of town.

San Diego residents also live an on-the-go lifestyle. 91% of locals drive to work, and travel an average of 44 minutes round-trip. Both locals and visitors flock to the beaches, conventions, shopping destinations and sports events during their free time. Grab the attention of active locals and busy travelers with an eye-popping out-of-home signage.

What’s Next?

Strategic billboard advertising is essential when creating a successful outdoor campaign. In the popular convention towns of both San Diego and Las Vegas, a bold statement is necessary to capture your audiences’ attention. LaunchPoint Marketing offers both digital and static billboard signage in some of Las Vegas and San Diego’s busiest touch-points to ensure your message is impactful and reaches the desired audience.