High Visibility for your Target Audience

A record breaking 42.9 million people visited Las Vegas last year, going above and beyond predictions made by tourism experts. This audience is made up of three very valuable segments: 1) the business and convention audience, 2) the tourist audience with disposable incomes, and 3) the coveted 21-34 tastemakers and influencers.

This past year, there was a 7.1% increase in convention attendance with 6.3 million people attending conventions last year. There was also an increase in tourist volume.  When you advertise in Las Vegas you can’t help but reach a large, valuable, and influential audience so good creative and proper placement is paramount.  Outdoor advertising in Las Vegas is sure to reach a large audience but it can be tricky.  There are two distinct market segments in Las Vegas: Tourist and Locals.  If you’re reading this article it’s likely you’d be targeting the Tourist segment and the good news there is that you will find them in a very concentrated area which starts at the airport and stretches to both ends of the three mile Strip on Las Vegas Blvd.  So understanding the key routes will help you position your messages where your audience is sure to see them.

Creating a memorable image

People certainly remember images more easily than huge blocks of information. So capture their attention with an eye-catching image and a call to action with just a few key words – the fewer the better.  If it’s visually appealing, people will pay attention to what you have to say.

Going Digital

One great aspect to advertising on The Strip is the opportunity to display a digital ad. LaunchPoint has an amazing network of Spectacular LED signs at high impact locations on The Strip.  These displays can modernize any ad campaign as several messages can be displayed at once, making it both interesting and informative for the viewer.  Let LaunchPoint help you reach your target audience in Vegas with a powerful outdoor campaign that will deliver results you can see!