San Diego Billboard Advertising

While San Diego is not typically thought of as a premiere outdoor market we at LaunchPoint don’t necessarily embrace that notion.  It is true: Downtown San Diego has very few traditional bulletins so billboard blight is certainly not a problem around the Convention Center and popular Gaslamp Quarter where business thrives.  And that’s where LaunchPoint can help; we provide the advertising impact that billboards deliver.

LaunchPoint can put your brand on the most impactful outdoor advertising assets in the Gaslamp area directly across from the entrance to the Convention Center.


The Gaslamp Plaza is ideal for hosting large scale marketing events for product demos, sampling, and unique activations that will engage the large crowds.




The Plaza is also outfitted with 9 free-standing backlit signs that compliment historic nature of the area.



The Convention Center corridor is a one mile stretch down Harbor Blvd to the adjacent hotels retail shops and restaurants on the water.  LaunchPoint’s signage dominates the 1-mile area with Spectacular 50’ banners, dozens of pole banners, and mobile billboards.

Our giant 50’ banners are visible to everyone entering and leaving the Convention Center to and from the downtown and Gaslamp area.



Convention attendees walking along the water between the Convention Center and hotels to the restaurants and shops at Seaport Village will pass no less than 50 Pole Banners and dozens of strategically positioned Backlit Signs. These tasteful signs can be designed in a series to deliver multiple thematic messages.




And for that large billboard that you wish you could place right in front of the Convention Center – – LaunchPoint has you covered with dazzling backlit Mobile Billboards.  With the use of mobile billboard advertising at trade shows, comes a large range of effective advertising tactics.  Talk about measurement… our trucks are outfitted with GPS tracking so you can direct exactly where you want to go and have the reporting data to confirm execution.  We’ll make your advertising more visible to your target audience, give you more flexibility and control, and most importantly focus the advertising on your precise targets.  Mobile Billboard advertising stands out to clients and is a more reliable way of getting their attention. It is not your ordinary billboard that you may notice on the highway; instead these mobile advertising mechanisms go directly to the audience… This is outdoor advertising on steroids.  And for short term campaigns Mobile billboards are ideal. Trade Show advertising is generally no more than 3 to 5 days with all attendees staying in a very centralized location.  A Mobile Billboard can be strategically positioned near the Trade Show and key areas where the attendees will be walking.

Mobile Billboard advertising gives marketers the perfect control to meet their specific and unique needs.




Finally, why not give attendees who’ve been on their feet all day a brake with a free ride in a Branded Pedicab.  It’s another form of creative and eye-catching billboard advertising.