San Diego Outdoor Advertising

There are many forms of Outdoor advertising that will generate impact and interest for your company ensuring a positive experience when potential customers are lurking.  In San Diego, nearly 1,000,000 travelers visited the city last year specifically for conventions and expos according to the San Diego Convention and Tourism Bureau with another 34,000,000 visiting the southern California city on the coast.  Brands intent on boosting their brand often look to a popular area like the Gaslamp Square directly across the street from the Convention Center.  Few places are as ideal as the Gaslamp Plaza: a totally unique space ideally suited for advertising, displays, product sampling, experiential activations, and more.  From cars to patio furniture to movies and TV shows, the Gaslamp is a prime location for launching impactful campaigns.  In addition to activations, creative outdoor advertising opportunities abound with unique street furniture, pole banners, barricade signs, backlit posters, mobile billboards, pedicabs, and more.  LaunchPoint can help with all of these assets throughout the crowded downtown and convention area.




The Convention Center is home to dozens of major conferences throughout the year but by far the biggest of them all is the world-famous Comic Con.  Entertainment enthusiasts from all over the world converge on downtown San Diego for one grand week every summer to see what’s in store for the genre.  And whether you’re exhibiting, attending the event, or just people watching, you better plan ahead, and plan to see things you’ve never seen before.





While there are minimal billboards and traditional outdoor opportunities in San Diego, LaunchPoint has the Gaslamp and Convention Center corridor covered with many impactful options.  LaunchPoints’ mobile billboards are ideal for reaching this valuable and hard to reach audience as there are virtually no traditional billboards in downtown San Diego.  A mobile billboard provides an advertiser with tremendous flexibility to directly impact a very large and targeted audience.  In the Gaslamp Plaza, LaunchPoint has 9 beautiful backlit signs (4’h X 6’h).  LaunchPoint also has multiple 50’ banners positioned between the Convention Center entrance and the Gaslamp Plaza – – no one passing through the Plaza from downtown can miss these.  There are also pole banners and backlit signs along the waterway between the major hotels and Convention Center.

Successful outdoor campaigns come in many variations but all share important and common themes: great visibility, high impact, and supreme creativity.