As soon as summer arrives, music festivals begin popping up all over the country. That’s your cue to launch your brand into the public eye with an outdoor advertising campaign that takes full advantage of the unique marketing opportunities offered by these celebrations of live entertainment. It’s been proven that a music marketing initiative creates a powerful and emotional connection with audiences.

Captive Audience

Music festivals offer a special opportunity for brands to connect. Sponsoring a festival connects your brand to  die hard fans streaming in to listen to their favorite bands. Once they arrive, they’re not likely to go anywhere for several days except to eat and sleep. This is content consumption on a grand scale, and your brand becomes an integral part of the experience.

Simplified Niche Marketing

Music festivals tend to have themes that attract specific subsets of people. Find events with themes that are relevant to your brand or that your target audience is likely to be interested in, and make these the focus of your sponsorship marketing. At the festival, set up a branded area that offers something useful and fun to your audience in a way that promotes your products and services.

Unmatched Visibility

According to a Nielsen report, 32 million people attend music festivals every year in the U.S., which gives your brand unprecedented access to potential customers. Few other advertising opportunities offer such a chance to grow your brand by putting it in front of every single person that passes through the festivals you choose to sponsor. Correlating your advertising efforts with those of the festival in the time leading up to the event draws even more attention by associating your brand with the experience that attendees are anticipating.

Reaching a New Generation

A study conducted by AEG and Momentum Worldwide showed a strong correlation between sponsoring a music festival and generating trust among millennials. Among those polled:

  • 81 percent said that live music makes for the “coolest brand experiences.”
  • 80 percent agreed that sponsorship is the “most effective” way to connect.

Overall, companies that chose to sponsor these festivals enjoyed a 37 percent boost in brand image with millennial audiences.

A Memorable Experience

Think of every festival you sponsor as a chance to give your company a permanent place in people’s minds. Don’t just sell products; offer a way for potential customers to interact with your brand. Whether it’s an Instagram hashtag that promises the chance to win one of your products or a display that allows each attendee to create a customized souvenir of the experience, it will generate a buzz that travels around the festival and draws a crowd to your booth.

If you want your brand to rock any music festival you decide to sponsor, let LaunchPoint Marketing design your outdoor advertising campaign. LaunchPoint specializes in bringing brands to captive audiences through event sponsorships in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego. By creating just the right campaign, LaunchPoint will make sure that festival attendees experience your brand in a way they’ll never forget.