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LaunchPoint Marketing is an integrated marketing and media company that activates Out-Of-Home Media, Sponsorships, and Live Event Experiences in the most popular tourist and business convention destinations in the country.

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About Us
Passion is the essence of life. At the very core of passion lies unbridled love for that which makes us happy. Passion can incite every range of emotion known to man. Passion is power.

Music and live entertainment are unparalleled in their ability to personify complex human emotions that bring a purpose that expands beyond the scope of any one live event. Passion for your favorite artist or entertainer unites generations and carries with it meaningful stories and memories.

Power is captured when brands tap into the passion of live entertainment and authentically elevates that experience to create a relationship with fans. LaunchPoint understands the only thing that limits us from creating better live experiences, building personal connections with a brand, and ultimately creating lifelong brand loyalists… is our imagination.

We approach all of our projects from the consumer’s perspective. “We LOVE live entertainment…..What do we expect a brand to do for us to make this experience unforgettable?” It is this approach that allows us to ultimately drive real business results and challenge the barriers of creating successful brand/consumer relationships.

Our success has been based on our keen insight and ability to create deep brand integrations for into our client’s entertainment platform and the markets where they exist.